KOS is a woman in the danger zone. Leaping between racing yachts in rough weather; dangling out of helicopters on a harness at 100mph; climbing 200ft masts, diving deep beneath the surface of the ocean: her bravery in pursuit of the most dramatic sports imagery is respected throughout the photographic world.

This wonderful book titled “Walking on Water” captures KOS’ most dramatic maritime imagery in a stunning and captivating collection offering thrilling ‘behind-the-scenes’ anecdotes of her life on the edge.

Her drive to shoot the unusual has gained her many TV interviews worldwide plus two documentaries for the BBC and ITV. She has won numerous awards for her work and has made such a name for herself, that she is known worldwide, simply, as ‘KOS’.

Kos began taking photographs at the age of five with her father’s Olympus Pen-FT. She shot her first powerboat at the age of 17 while still at school when she was asked to cover a racing event on Lake Como in Italy. She hasn’t had the silt, or the salt, out of her hair since.

In her quest to test the boundaries and discover ever-more impossible angles, Kos became one of the first to shoot powerboats from in the water and yacht races from underwater. “Diving under the marks of a race produces some unusual imagery but it can also be very dangerous,” she says with some understatement.

From shooting for Rolex and its global advertising campaigns to war torn Bosnia, rafting expeditions through India, a boat chase in a Bond movie and a year with McLaren in F1, Kos Evans has been at the forefront of extreme photography for 30 years and this breathtaking collection of her images is a fascinating account.
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