"I have a great number of ideas for marine art projects that have never been attempted before" Kos says "and over the coming months and years I will be striving to continually push the boundaries of art and photography"

Her first project was called 20x20, an extraordinary art production that has been a world first. Kos wanted people to enjoy her images everyday, so the book was designed to remain open on a special wall mount. When it is displayed on a wall you have a giant picture that you can change on a daily basis. The covers were made from black carbon fibre. 20x20 was produced in Limited Edition of 1000 signed and numbered copies. Sales have been incredibly successful and only about 20 copies remain.

In addition to 20x20, Kos offers a range of high quality Limited Edition prints, which can be ordered from this website. Other exciting publishing projects and a diverse range of marine services are soon to follow.